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    The Kerem Tunnel provides a unique ride and hiking experience that is to be loved by everyone.

    The Kerem Tunnel, Israel’s newest cycle tunnel, was constructed as a part of an extensive cycle path that is a loop around the capital.

    The tunnel connects Nahal Refaim with Emek Motza. It is located in southern Israel located in Refaim Park. Ein Laban is the nearest. נווה פריצקי Nahal Ein Kerem is the northern entrance.

    The 2.1-kilometer long tunnel was opened on Thursday, by Jerusalem and heritage minister Ze’ev Elkin and Mayor Moshe Lion. Avi Baleshnikov of Gihon Chairman of Gihon as well as a multitude of cyclists also attended.

    Jerusalem was once very sought-after tourist destination due to its historical past. Elkin stated that, in addition to its rich history, modern tourism is also incorporated into Jerusalem’s city. “The launch (of this tunnel project) is an additional part of the growth of Jerusalem as well as the transformation of Jerusalem into a popular tourist destination for all kinds of people throughout Israel and around the globe.”

    Elkin who, along with the Jerusalem Municipality spearheaded the project, explained that the ministry “invests hundreds of millions of shekels each year to develop the tourism industry in Jerusalem and the development of new attractions and ventures that connect the fascinating history of our capital city to the future of Jerusalem… http://www.bhol.co.il/news/1439018 I would like to invite you to ride your bicycles on a scenic and well-maintained road that overlooks Old Jerusalem.

    נווה פריצקי נווה פריצקי Elkin’s Ministry and the Tourism Ministry budgeted the project.

    “The Kerem Tunnel project is the central instrument for achieving the vision to alter the notion of transportation throughout Jerusalem,” Elkin stressed. “The new tunnel, which will connect to the lengthy Jerusalem Ring Path, will join the existing bicycle paths in the city and those that are paved in its various neighborhoods, with the aim of encouraging cycling among its residents and its visitors as well as encouraging the green transportation revolution in Jerusalem.”

    The Kerem Tunnel first was excavated in the 1990s to create the main sewer line of the Gihon Corporation towards Sorek. It is currently being used as an infrastructure tunnel which includes the fifth waterline that runs to Jerusalem via the Mekorot water corporation.

    “The Kerem tunnel project is a central tool for realizing the dream of changing the concept of transportation throughout Jerusalem. ”

    Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon

    Road construction, installation , and testing of safety and electrical systems are just some of the ongoing projects to make the tunnel safer for all seasons.

    The Kerem Tunnel gives you access to many recreational sites, such as Ein Kerem Neighborhood, the Biblical Zoo and Aquarium as well historic natural springs Ein Haniyeh or Ein Laban.